The heat wave in the high-quality of the Balaton water

The hot spell is also an excellent stay in the lake Balaton water quality of the Hungarian ACADEMY of sciences Ecological research center Balaton Limnology institute of the MTI to on Friday submitted its report.

According to the information, the of green algae, coastal emergence of a favourable ecological conditions refers to, and the water quality improvement is getting smaller the probability of the chironomid mass swarming of.

The Lake water temperature exceeds 25 Celsius degrees in the late June heat wave, while it is preserved in excellent quality. If the wind didn’t blew up, bottoms up transparent the lake water – it was written.

The report indicates that in the water-floating microscopic algae in a volume far below exposure limits, its fifth below that of the lake Balaton catchment area of implemented investments – sewage cleaning equipment, sewage system – is due.

The green algae do not produce substances harmful to human health, mass their appearance is not some kind of pollution, but also the favourable conditions result – underlines the report.

The pond is a microscopic algae to feed the midges larvae. In previous years occur, the water from the mass of flying adult midges inconvenience caused to the people. The quality of the water improves, the mass rajzáson probability of getting smaller and smaller – read the bulletin.

The Lake’s Limnology Institute of information also found that the kvagga shells for years ongoing invasion of the lake’s carp, I’m glad, because the main food for them in the earlier settled down travelers with clams together.

The kvagga shells in the early 2000s appeared in the Lake, and on a massive scale. The very similar wandering shells with not only the stones spread on a mass scale, but also in the bed too – made the Hungarian ACADEMY of sciences Ecological research center Balaton Limnology Institute.

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