The heat is suspended for the weekend’s truck stop on

The prolonged heat wave, health protection and safety reasons, Saturday and Sunday, without limitation, traffic may be heavy cars on the Hungarian roads – informing the ministry of National development (NLM) on Friday.

The NLM reminded me of: the truck stop as a rule on Saturday and 15 hours Sunday 22 hours apply in July and August weekends, the Ministry of Human Resources national chief medical officer assignment responsible for deputy secretary of state, however, the arrival of a heat wave for 2. grade heat alarm was ordered on 23 July to midnight.

The heavy duty truck weekend traffic restriction of national development minister for the environment responsible minister, with the agreement of danger temporarily suspend. The driver with the driving and rest periods in compliance with a longer uninterrupted supply, not to the great heat in your car, in the parking lot waiting. The truck stop suspension gives the opportunity to the heavy goods vehicles in the milder evening, night hours in travel – STATUS and communication.

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