The grouping real estate Agencies gives a new impetus to its deployment

Paris, may 31, 2017 – The group real estate Agency Gathered is consolidated and organized to give a new impetus to its deployment. Originally incorporated as GIE, Agencies, a network that is not a franchise, becomes a SAS and introduce new ways of marketing and communication to ensure its expansion and enrich support to its members. From the 80 current members, Agencies aims to set up 100 members by the end of the year and aims for 500 members by 2020.

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“To grow in number is a healthy ambition, but what we want is mainly to take advantage of the other colleagues of the benefits that we, the founders and members, we get now in our daily management,” says André Perrissel, president of the SAS Agency Met and real estate agent (agencies, Stars). “The economic model that we have developed and refined is now stable, it has demonstrated its effectiveness and we believe that the time has come to propose it to colleagues and many more. ”

In 1999 a few real estate agents decide to get together as a GIE to share property and sell more quickly, while remaining independent. The years pass, the concept is gaining in efficiency and attracts professionals alerted by word of mouth. In 2016 the structure will be transformed into SAS in order to give himself more flexibility. In 2017 the organization is ready to move on to the higher speed, based on a model now widely validated in the field.

The best of both worlds
The first world was once that of all the real estate agencies : independence, but also isolation. The other world made its appearance with the emergence of networks of franchisees : services, training… Agencies to preserve the total independence of the contractor and its local identity while providing a range of services.

Who is eligible to join Agency Met ?
Can join Agencies of real estate agents with the professional card (agents with a window), the property managers and trustees of co-ownership, with a transaction activity. Might feel concerned also professionals, with a recognized know-how among the trades of the real estate (wealth management…). The franchisees and agents are not eligible.

Benefits for members
For the participant, Agencies becomes a provider of services, or services for which it already has, but without pricing conditions are attractive (office supplies, etc.), or services that it thinks may be new, such as, for example, benefits from concierge service, a collaboration platform, the animation of the pages on the social networks, a training campus, pictures of property on sale in virtual 3D by professionals…. Agency Met obtains negotiated prices from suppliers for purchases of equipment and, on the other hand, offers a full range of marketing tools predesigned (flyers, e-newsletters…) that the trader has to do is to customize. None of these services is not imposed, all are offered. The ultimate goal is to improve the delivery of the real estate agent, to increase its effectiveness.

At the heart of the benefits achieved with Agencies is the mandate an exclusive single called “Mandate VIP” : sign this mandate with a single party, it is for the seller to put his property in the hands of 300 professionals of the real estate and maximize its chances of securing quickly. The group currently has 20 000 names of potential acquirers assets and a database of 3 000 property for sale.

The contribution for the participant is only 500 euros per quarter. “We like to say that we practice a contribution to be positive,” noted André Perrissel. “This means that a member making a reasonable appeal to our catalog of services do not expense anything, in the end ! ”

About Agencies
Agencies is a group of real estate agents are independent of proximity to providing our members with the benefits and strength of the network, while maintaining fully their independence and their brand image. Agencies is the lead consortia agency on the Grand Paris, with a few settlements in the region, particularly in the south-east.

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