The Group ASSU 2000 with the acquisition of broker credit Vousfinancer

Paris, July 3, 2017 – Vousfinancer, 3rd national network of brokerage credit, announces its acquisition by the Group ASSU 2000, is already the owner of AB Brokerage, and CFCS, in order to enhance its development. With the integration of Vousfinancer, the Group ASSU 2000 reinforces its pole credit as he had already made in the grouping of credits, with the short-term goal to expand its offering with the development of other financial services complementary.

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The Group ASSU 2000, the first network of independent brokerage insurance for individuals (9 subsidiaries, distribution model omnicanal, physical network of 350 offices, 1600 employees) announces the acquisition of the company Vousfinancer, 3rd national network of brokerage credit with 160 points of sale, and 600 advisors. “We can leverage on a large group such as the Group ASSU 2000 is going to be a true vector of development for Vousfinancer, which, at the time of celebrating its tenth year of existence, written a new page in its history and is expected to see a further acceleration of its growth,” said Jerome Robin, president and founder of Vousfinancer. The original company of grenoble, and the ambition is thus to achieve a production of 3 billion euros of credit in 2017, up 50 % compared to 2016 with a growth in turnover in the same line.

Taking Vousfinancer, the Group ASSU 2000 consolidates its pole real estate credit is already established by the network AB Brokerage since October 2014. In 2015, the Group ASSU 2000 has been the acquisition of CFC and BC finance in 2016 to be today the 2nd leading player in the brokerage by grouping credits with 400 independent and 190 employees on 22 sites in France. The acquisition of Vousfinancer comes to reinforce this pole credit called to develop further. “Vousfinancer is a dynamic company with a strong brand, a good image and a great potential of development, both via the expansion of its physical network on the web. We are delighted to contribute to the growth of this broker is already in full growth, ” says Jacques Bouthier, president and founder of the Group ASSU 2000.

The strategy of the Group ASSU 2000 is therefore the diversification of the supply of financial services through the operations of external growth with the acquisition of specialists to a multi-channel distribution, as well through networks of employees, to independent wholesalers for the part of BtoB. “Our goal is to take a leading position on the market of the real estate credit and the collection of credits in continuing the expansion of the offer to provide full financial services to individuals. We aim to match our historical activity of the insurance broker “, concludes Jacques Bouthier.

About Groupe ASSU 2000
The Group ASSU 2000 is the 1st network of independent brokerage for private individuals. Its activity is organized around two business lines : insurance brokerage on the one hand with the branch network ASSU 2000, the pure Player Euro-Insurance and Assuréo, subsidiaries, wholesalers maXance and Profirst, and, on the other hand, the pole real estate with AB Brokerage, comparator credits, CFC and BC Finance, brokers, credit redemption, and the comparator of loan protection insurance, The Credit Insurer.
Capitalizing on its 40 years of experience in the distribution (the first branch of ASSU 2000 and opened its doors in 1975), the Group ASSU 2000 is currently adopting a resolutely multi-channel approach to offer a full range of insurance (auto, two-wheeler, housing, health) and its offer of real estate loans, credits and insurance to borrowers.
The Group ASSU 2000 has realized a consolidated turnover of around 150 million euros in 2016, more than 1,600 employees and manages some 350,000 contracts automobile on a total of 700,000 contracts in the portfolio.
About Vousfinancer
Founded in 2008 by Jérôme Robin, Vousfinancer, network of brokers, real estate credit, accompanied by a personalized way, individuals in search of the best financing solution for their real estate project. The strategy of Vousfinancer is based on the encounter with a single point of contact expert in financing, transparency (building the business case financial made with the customer), and the guaranteed to find them quickly (within a week) the overall solution to be the most adequate (insurance, loan, rates, warranties, monthly payments, duration, cost of credit, fees, banking partners). Vousfinancer also offers solutions for business loans and redemption of credits.

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