The government is delaying its privatisation programme

The government’s policy agenda continues to affect the fate of the law Covenant (action plan for growth and business transformation). The bill, brought by the minister of the economy Bruno The Mayor, was passed on Wednesday, may 16, for the opinion of the Council of State. But, for the time being, without the pane privatizations that were supposed to contain, a-t-we learned on Thursday, confirming information of the Echos.

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FDJ and ADP : the privatization of risk

Pact, which is intended to be a text of ” transformation of the economy “, aims to help SMES-ETI (intermediate-sized) lights grow (removal of social obligations and the tax attached to the threshold of 20 employees, facilitating the transfer of businesses…) and to associate employees with the results (the expansion of the profit-sharing and participation). But the law should also give the kick-off of the privatization of the quinquennium : ADP (ex-Airports of Paris), in which the State holds 50,6 % of the capital, la Française des jeux (FDJ), which he wants to open the capital, and Engie, to go below 33.3% of the voting rights. Dispositions of the assets expected to contribute to a fund for innovation.

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