“The government and the manufacturers agree on a sharing of the effort to “green” the park is a French car “

Premium State + premium of the manufacturer = big bonus to convince motorists to send in their old diesel to the junkyard and buy a less-polluting vehicle. The economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, and his colleague, the ecological transition, François de Rugy, agreed with the automobile sector, on Monday, October 29, on the principle of a sharing of the effort to “green” the park French. In addition to the premium to the conversion of the State, the builders are willing to pay an extra premium, especially for purchases of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, ” said The Mayor, stating that a device will be stopped by the end of November.

On the 1st of October, on the eve of the World auto Paris, the head of State had assembled a score of the patrons of industry (Renault, PSA, Hyundai, Toyota, Valeo, etc.). The member countries of the european Union were engaged in tough negotiations on the objective of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. Let’s leave that topic and try to take an effective measure in the short term, had pleaded Emmanuel Macron inviting Bercy and the manufacturers to agree on an anti-CO2aux fast effects.

The extra premium doperait vehicle sales

Where this “additional premium” to the conversion. It is also intended to compensate – at least for buyers of a vehicle – the new increase of taxes on fuel scheduled for January 1, 2019. The government excludes, in effect, to go back on this measure, even at a time when prices at the pump soar. A fortiori, to create a “check fuel” for low-income households, rolling in old, polluting vehicles, on the grounds that it would be antiécologique.

Remains to agree on the terms of the additional premium, which doperait vehicle sales. The government hopes that buyers of used cars are also…

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