“The governance of companies has the advantage to be open to stakeholders “

Forum. The action plan for growth and business transformation (Pact), which will be debated and voted on in the spring, raises in its consultation phase, a number of interesting proposals, in particular around the theme ” Sharing the value and societal commitment “.

Among these, the idea that there is, much more than today, of the directors employees the board of directors of the companies is the subject of controversy, in particular as regards the number of representatives of employees and the size of the companies involved.

it is time to better recognize the value of the work and, ultimately, a more equitable the final result

We should not deceive ourselves for debate. It is not simply to rebalance the relation of forces in which the traditional saying that after so many years in favour of capital, it is time to better recognize the value of the work and, ultimately, a more equitable the final result. The law on profit may well be reviewed, but it exists for a long time !

It does not believe that developing the employee shareholding is going to change everything ; which is already well established in France, it has not changed the situation. Its development implies that it should absolutely be a shareholder to be a director so that, in so doing, it would only strengthen the status quo of capitalism shareholder ; however, it is precisely this supremacy of the contributors of the funds, the right of life and death according to a single point of view, it must be challenged !

Model change

Because the input of the employees in the advice must mean a change of the model. It is time to switch to a system where the creation of value is decided and taken up only by the shareholders to a market economy in which each enterprise achieves its goals by investing according to the new equation to the original results, now function…

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