The global vízválság now threatening to become a reality

The global vízválság now threatening to become a reality – was Patronized John, president of the republic in New York on Thursday, the water and natural disaster reduction addressed the UN high-level meeting.

The head of state – who is the situation social, economic, health and social consequences reviewed of speech – to call attention to water-related disasters and the damage rate has also increased significantly in recent times.

Patronized John a number of the recommendations formulated at the meeting. These include the paris climate agreement during the implementation of a system that allows you to for the next 30 years the global greenhouse gas emissions every 10 years megfeleződjön.

You have to create the conditions, too, – he continued -that the convention not only sovereign states, but cities, provinces, federal states to join, because of the serious impetus to implementation.

The head of state in addition, the agreement extension is urged to the sea to sail, and raised the aviation rules tightening of the consideration.

The call for the water infrastructure investment doubled over the next five years, and that the Tisza example of where the recently built or is building 12 need a reservoir of up to 1 meters can also reduce the water level of a flood event, and the extra food able to a drought period of filing.

The climate protection resources for at least one-third of the water resistance to help water investment need to translate, ‘ he stated, explaining: this should include water resources protection, state of the art irrigation, the creation of the waste-water recycling to ensure the network losses reduction, desalination and flood protection.

The president also proposed that the UN’s organisation within a central charge of the water issue, that assessment is faster and more efficient response would allow. Currently, 28 agencies dealing with water issues in the body and an additional coordinate – explained.

The UN should be established within the water government negotiations forum, and there is a need for an immediate intervention to enable the today is substantially greater financial fund, which react more quickly to potential disasters. Patronized John the resources the UN secretary-general under the order, the size and the upload way is a renowned economist with határoztatná.

Patronized John performed by one of the earth’s surface temperature over 130 years of change follow-up video graphics presented. In this regard, he said that if the paris convention for everyone to follow, even 2,7 degrees with the process, which is still high enough to make sure you’re safe.

The head of state talked about the floods and droughts become more frequent, worsening the food production conditions, strengthen the social conflicts and as a result of mass migration can be expected.

The world bank recently published an analysis with reference to highlight: the flood exposed to material possessions rate can reach 45 thousand billion dollars.

The drought you’re talking about and you mentioned: the syrian civil war is three years old, I’ve never seen a drought was preceded by.

Every year 10-12 million acres have become unfit for cultivation, that Hungary is a site of one and a half times – to call attention.

Six countries – roughly 20 million people – is already now a severe famine is concerned, and this rate soon may double – stressed the head of state, who also spoke: the civil war-torn Yemen’s major cities within 2-3 years will not be adequate amount of water, and today the century’s most severe cholera epidemic of destruction in this country.

Seconds in a person forced to leave his home to flood or drought – stressed Patronized John, adding: by 2025, the projected 2.5 billion people live in an area which is intensively affected by water scarcity, i.e., two months of continuous water supply is not provided.

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