The gallery Soft goes to liquidation prior to a possible recovery

The group Sweet, in discussion with the Ukrainian MHP, account be placed in liquidation in early April, before a possible continuation of the activity, has it learned Friday from the gallery breton and unions.

“What remains of the activities of Soft, in particular on Britain and on the region of Vendée, will go into receivership,” said Nadine Hourmant, delegated, central FO, at the end of a central works council (CEC) at the headquarters of the gallery in Châteaulin (Finistère). The group Meek to file his application on April 3, before the tribunal de commerce of Rennes, she said.

“The next day, we will have a judicial decision of the tribunal with the approval of the liquidation,” said the trade unionist. You will then see a period of continued activity before a new hearing in may, she said. The group Sweet had simply indicated in a press release that it has informed staff representatives that “the future of Soft would necessarily involve the tribunal of commerce, that the discussions with MHP (…) successful or not”.

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“The discussions with MHP are not completed to this day. MHP is still working with Sweet on its offer and remains a potential partner serious to develop a project”, adds the press release of the gallery. MHP has until the 28th of march at midnight to submit a project of recovery, indicated to the AFP a spokesperson of Sweet. The gallery breton, placed in receivership in 2012, with the key being the elimination of a thousand jobs, is entered in the fold of Terrena, the second agricultural co-operative group French in march 2016. But, according to the latter, it loses between 35 and 36 million euros per year. At the beginning of march, the cooperative has indicated that it could not support “forever” gallery, which is looking for 100 million euros to change the economic model.

The project of recovery of the group MHP, which presents itself as the leader of poultry in Ukraine, does not include the site of Chantonnay (Vendée), which employs some 300 people (of which about 150 permanent). A new Committee of central business shall be held on April 3 at Châteaulin.

(Source : AFP)



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