The French prefer the office solo

The work is changing, we ” there. It would be collaborative, nomadic, agile, creative… What is it, seen in the office ? Certainly, the work spaces are evolving, the third-places are multiplying, but some conservatism remains, according to the results of the barometer on the quality of life in the office is carried out every two years by the observatory Actineo, and of which the edition 2017 has been published on Thursday 9 November.

the closed spaces and collectives are on the rise : their share has risen from 17 % in 2015 to 29 % in 2017

The traditional offices are closed remain the standard, even if they are in decline. In 2017, they were still 65 % of the employees working in an office, compared to 73% in 2015. Nearly half of these are even in an individual office closed. For their part, the closed spaces and collectives are on the rise : their share has risen from 17 % in 2015 to 29 % in 2017. Working without a job assigned, it decreases (9 % in 2015, 6 % in 2017).

It is still far from the all-collaborative. Even if the team work concerns more of the assets (50 % in 2017, compared to 48 % in 2015), working in project mode has retreated in the last two years (9 % in 2015, 4 % in 2017). Assets are 46 % estimate work mostly alone. Their ideal setting is in a particular position in individual office closed (57 %), in group office small in size (to 39 %) and in an open space (29 %).

“We noticed that they tend to refer to as their ideal configuration that they already practice,” observes Odile Duchenne, director-general of Actineo. It is mainly the young who are ready to work otherwise. “

The coworking on the rise

Telework is casual, which is stabilized, could well increase with the entry into force of the ordinances Macron, who have a right of employees. Currently, 28 % of the assets in the office work regular, nomad : from home, in the…

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