The French market of the music comes back on but muted

It is better, but not yet to Peru. For the second year in a row, the market recorded music shows a rise, according to the balance sheet 2017, the national Union of phonographic publishing (SNEP) aired Thursday, February 15. Thanks to the rise of the streaming, it increases 3.9% to $ 723 million euros.

Yet, if one takes as a criterion that the sales of physical sales, and digital (out of neighbouring rights, for example those of the performers, and synchronization rights), this total of € 583 million represents… that 40 % of sales in 2002. Suffice to say that the golden age still carries an old memory.

Decline of physical sales

The caution is. Physical sales continue more slowly to decline, while streaming, single driver of this growth, continues its growth (+23 %). Specificity hex, 3 800 points of sale sell music again, and the micro-markets of the vinyl continues to resonate with more consumers.

With 4.4 million fans, the number of subscribers grows softly in the Hexagon, not slow (+ 500 000 in a year). “Compared to many european countries, the streaming is still lagging some delay in France in the increase in the number of subscribers reported to the population,” explains Jerome Roger, director general of the Union of phonographic producers French independent.

Thierry Chassagne, president of Warner Music France, brings also a note of caution. “The progressions of the music market in the United States and Great Britain will be better “, it forecasts. “The indicators are going in the right direction, but there should be more nervousness at the market to be reassured “, believes Stéphane Le Tavernier, president of Sony Music France and president of SNEP.

The creators penalized

Thierry Chassagne, the fact that the French listen to…

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