“The French management” always too cold

Forum. In this period of announcement of the “great transformations” of the work, and in social relations in companies, the current practices, particularly in some large organizations, there is no lack of challenge. It seems that the implementation of the transformations – in spite of speech media promising, but also real success stories – is facing a number of barriers specifically related to our culture, and what it should be called ” the French management “.

It can be so picked up the characterize at least through three characteristics : a form of cultural foundation that has been called ” sense of honor “, a report particular to the authority and a lack of trust between the actors.

Philippe of He thirty years ago

The sociologist Philippe d He published it more than thirty years a book noticed, in which he underlined the influence of national cultures on the management of organizations. France would thus be characterized by The Logic of honor (Seuil, 1989) and the principles of order, of rank predestined and deference associated with it. Thus, the hierarchical relationships are in the relationship of men and women marked by their state, their traditions, their rights and their duties.

In an interview granted on December 17, 2016 in the World, Philippe He continued to consider that even today, it is the sense of honor that governs the way in which labour relations are being felt. He stressed the requirement of sustainable size in respect of all those who hold the authority.

As well, he went on, the officer exercises a symbolic function. It must “take its place”, hence the importance of the detention of diploma prestigious. One can certainly nuance in its analysis, but one must acknowledge the important and comprehensive of this stance in large groups, in spite of the discourses and stories…

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