The French giant of the small household appliances SEB will close a plant in grenoble-Isère

The French giant’s domestic appliances domestic SEB will close a plant in grenoble-Isère, whose activity and all of the 162 employees will be transferred to a neighbouring site, which will be expanded, said Tuesday a spokesman of the company to the AFP.

The site of Saint-Jean-de-Bournay was exclusively dedicated to the plastics industry and the manufacture of parts injected to the factory SEB-Bridge-Bishop, producing iron and generating steam for the brand Calor for the entire world.

The activities of Saint-Jean-de-Bournay and its 162 employees, permanent contracts will be transferred to Pont-Bishop, the remote site 18 km, which will be built by 2020, a new workshop of plastics processing and two storage buildings for an investment of 15 million euros, said the spokesperson, confirming information of the regional press.

This project, presented to the social partners at a central works council on February 8, is part of the group’s strategy to strengthen its competitiveness in the care of the machine, explained the spokesperson.

The new ranges of products use technologies of plastic injection of more innovative, involving new machines of high tonnage as the site of Saint-Jean-de-Bournay is not in a capacity to accept”, she justified.

“A business 4.0 with robots collaborative”

In addition, the new premises in Bridge-Bishop “will improve the working conditions of employees and will allow optimization of the logistics flows”, she added.

“The company tells us that all the posts will be more or less retained, but in the long term, we do not believe, because management wants to make a enterprise 4.0 with robots collaborative” is concerned about Yann Coléon, delegate of FO at SEB, who was interviewed on Tuesday by the AFP.

“We are promised that there will be no schedule changes or losses of our achievements, but nothing is confirmed in black and white”, he added.

FO and CGT have also appointed an expert to have a vision of the larger project than the one presented by management. Mobilization of employees is not planned in the immediate future, but “if we lose anything, we will mobilise,” warned Mr Coléon.

(with AFP)

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