The French employees ill-prepared for the artificial intelligence

At the heart of the hustle and bustle of the season, this information disturbing : the French employees would be very poorly equipped to face the upheavals of the work in the world, alert to the World Economic Forum in its annual study of The Future of Jobs, released on 17 September.

According to the organization, which has polled three hundred and thirteen large firms employing more than 15 million employees in all countries, it is the French who have the most need to be trained to deal with the advent of artificial intelligence and the increasing automation of work. Automation should lead to the elimination of 75 million jobs and create $ 133 million, the study said. An opportunity to seize, a condition to be formed by the upheaval introduced by the new work organization.

The World Economic Forum has conducted a ranking of the number of hours required on average to the employees of each country or region of the world (North Africa, eastern Europe…) to perform the skills required, based on the statements of employers that are implanted. And what are the French employees who come dead last in the ranking, behind the Filipinos or the Mexicans : in the face of technological change, it would take on average one hundred and five days per employee French to catch up with the delay in training !

France overtaken by Poland or Estonia

How this delay French is justified ? The report of the World Economic Forum does not give more explanations on the case is hexagonal, but it brings some elements of response that are common to all countries. On average, “it is not less than 54 % of all employees in the world who are going to need an increased level of skill significant” by 2022 to prepare for the ” fourth industrial revolution, the report says.


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