“The French concept of public service must change and adapt to the digital “

Forum. The president of the Republic has set itself the goal to dematerialize 100 % of administrative formalities by 2022. It is an excellent aim, that the prime minister has just reaffirmed at the first of the inter-ministerial committee on the transformation of public (ISCO). But the digital transformation of public services also implies the transformation of the model of collaboration between public and private, and of modes of regulation of the second by the first.

One often uses the concept of the State a platform to explain the digital transformation of the State. The State platform, it is one part of a real coordination between the information systems of the administrations, and on the other hand, a technological infrastructure, open to external partners. The coordination of information systems is reflected in the “tell us once” in our administrative procedures : no need to repeat the same information to each administration.

France is the 4th largest in the world of Open Data Index

This site is committed. If the political will is at the height of the ad, movement is expected to accelerate. There will likely be frictions on the part of governments jealous of their independence, but the budgetary reasons and the interest of the individual should prevail.

On the other hand, everything remains to be done in the construction of the platform that will invite external partners, companies or associations, to participate in the digital transformation of public services. This evolution, however, is key to delivering on the goal of 2022, ensuring a quality comparable to other usages of the web, and reduce the cost of the dematerialization to the authorities.

France is now ranked fourth in the world in the Open Data Index. It is well, however, the opening up of public data (” open data “) is only one step. It is necessary to go farther, and to multiply the application programming interfaces…

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