The Food Life, Zero-waste, OptiMiam… 3 apps to combat food waste

Intended for professionals or individuals, and which applications to fight against food waste abound. The latest : The Food Life, which has chosen to launch this Monday, on the occasion of the world food day. According to the ministry of Agriculture, the food waste represents 20 kg of waste per person per year in France. Tour of the horizon.

■ The Food Life, for associations and supermarkets

This mobile application is free and starts on Monday in France. Its goal : to encourage supermarkets to donate their unsold items to charities. The application The Food Life, connected to the site, identifying and mapping over 7,000 supermarkets in France, the area of which is between 400 and 2,500 square metres.

On a map of the Hexagon, each major surface is represented by a tab where appear the sign, the address and phone number – charge for each of the stores to determine the volume of fresh produce to distribute, and the time at which they will be available for the associations to be able to come retrieve them. A win-win for associations and supermarkets. According to a study published last November by the Ademe (Agency of environment and mastering of energy), the wide distribution could save 700 million euros per year if it reduced its waste by approximately 300,000 tonnes.

■ Zero-waste for individuals and supermarkets

Created in 2012, this application is usable without an account. Its objective : offer special promotions in supermarkets on products whose expiry date is near. The French company claims, and 600 tons of waste avoided, reports Ouest-France.

The application shows the price before and after promotion, with the percentage of discount. Promotions can range from -30% to -70%. Zero-Waste also displays the number of remaining products. But to find the promotions next home, you’ll have to be patient. The application offers all the supermarkets in the vicinity – including those who are not partners, or who have more promotions referenced… The start-up nantaise has a network of 200 supermarkets partners in France, Leclerc, Carrefour, passing by Auchan and U.

You can find more statistics on Statista ■ OptiMiam, for individuals and the self-employed

Launched in 2014, the application describes himself as “greedy and anti-gaspi”. Its particularity : to propose promotions on products that arrive to expiration at supermarkets, but especially among the self-employed. As Zero-Waste, OptiMiam clearly displays the original price and the final price with the discount percentage. The reduction can be up to 60% of the basic price. The application also proposes to order online and go directly to recover its products in the shop selected. Downside : the application is mainly focused on Paris and its suburbs. After 3 years of activity, the start-up boasts 150,000 active users, and 700 partners.

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