The food industry is the third largest industrial sector in Hungary

The food industry is the third largest industrial sector in Hungary, 2600 huf billion around production value, with the european union member states are among the 16. place, and the union production, a percentage of said Győrffy Balázs, the National agricultural economics Chamber (NAK) president on Tuesday, the Nógrád county Saint.

The chamber of food industry of the board of directors outsourced press conference, the president also said: in Hungary, the consumer basket is 24 percent for foods, in contrast to the union’s 13 percent average.

Of agricultural products, 70 percent of processing food industry operating board, the number of businesses exceeds five thousand; and within the large companies, which rate that is less than ten percent – give the sector’s total turnover of 85 percent and the export revenue is more than 90 percent. These large companies apply the sector’s workers to 70 percent, and have the sector’s assets, around 80 per cent – FOR president.

In Hungary foods produced 60 percent domestic, 40 percent foreign sales, the sector’s exports of 7.9 billion euros, in addition, eur 4.6 billion of food imports arriving in the country – explained.

The head of the chamber’s important work to be done among the mentioned sector for domestic traffic are increasing, the foods of the vat reduction, and their members helping tender information services.

The holy event into self Tamás, the food industry is responsible for national vice-president explained: in recent years, it was most important that food producers a wide range of to implement improvements, because without this, severe competitiveness problems.

Result called, to the last one and a half-two years the big companies to open national resources available 24 billion third food companies.

Into self Thomas reported that in September, consult the economic wallet to another food, agricultural products to enter the five percent áfakörbe.

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