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Created in 2015, the Federation Tégo*, has among its objectives to build and tailor insurance solutions that are optimal to meet the needs of the community Defence and Security. It relies on its members and their partners, insurers and research synergies smart them.

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In this framework, the Federation Tégo comes to label the contracts the Auto and Home insurance AGPM Assurances.
These contracts are distributed by the commercial networks of the APMG and the GPN, the founding members of the Federation Tégo.

Designed and provided by AGPM Assurances, contracts, Auto and Home insurance Tégo take into account the particularities of the mode of life of the community, Defence-Security, and their families : frequent moves, vehicle not used when starting a mission, housing by the absolute necessity of service…

“The launch of these products, insurance is part of our commitment to put in common the expertise of the members of the Federation Tégo for the benefit of the community Defence-Security. It is one of the first actions of distribution carried out jointly by our networks under the aegis Tégo “. Jean-Louis Furnace, General of army corps of gendarmerie (2s), President of Tégo.

3 formulas : “liability”, “third” or “all risks” for an optimal protection of driver, passengers and the vehicle.
The contract guarantees the financial consequences of civil liability that may be incurred vis-à-vis third parties during an event in which the insured vehicle is involved. According to the formula, the contract may also cover the damage sustained by the vehicle.

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3 formulas :
Formula RC Personally, to ensure the personal liability, privacy and criminal defense and recourse after an accident.
Formula STARTEO, to protect the essential for a good start in life.
Formula OPTIMO, for a customized protection which offers extended warranties and a wide choice of options.

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The Federation Tégo was created on 10 September 2015 by the APMG and the AGPM. Its objectives are to bring the interests of the forces of defence and security with the public authorities and social economy actors ; building the foundations for an approach to renovated offers insurance for the protection of persons and property ; to amplify by the pooling of certain of their devices, their actions have already been developed in terms of solidarity and mutual aid.
The six members of Tégo : the AGPM (Association Générale de Prévoyance Militaire) and the APMG (association of Military Pension of the Armed forces) ; the MCDEF (Mutual Civil Defense), the MAA (Mutual Assurance of the Armed forces), the SEA (Mutual Retirement Savings), the Préfon (National Provident Fund Public Service).

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