The Fed acts as “a child’s stubborn” and “don’t know what she’s doing,” according to Trump

The US president Donald Trump takes it back to the Fed on Monday, and, as usual, on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR).

Trump has, inter alia, that the Fed ” does not know what she is doing “, having remounted the rate ” too soon and too quickly “.

It was also considered that the Dow Jones would expand to “thousands of points” above its current level if the Fed had not acted thus, and that the growth in US would be ” in the 4% or even 5% “.

Referring to the last meeting of the Fed, where the Federal Reserve has not lowered its rates, Donald Trump has also stated that the Fed is ” like a child stubborn, while the rate should be lowered “.

Finally, it should be noted that according to several analysts, the outcome of the meeting between Trump and Xi this week at the G20 will determine in large part the decision of the Fed to lower its rate at the next FOMC meeting on 31 July.

If no agreement is in sight following the meeting, the chances of the Fed lowering the rate as to Trump the wishes to increase.

To follow the market’s expectations in terms of the rate of the Fed, see the barometer of the Fed funds rate

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