The fashion of ‘feminism washing” reached the companies

Feminism became bankable. For the past three years, brands are increasingly likely to position themselves on this niche market : Dove, Always, Pantene or Nike have been among the first to do so, by conveying a message promoting the image of the woman, breaking with the stereotypes that flare up regularly in advertising.

“The time where feminism was a figure of the scarecrow is complete. In the society, as for the companies, today it is fashionable to show its commitment to equality, ” explains Françoise Milewski, economist at the French economic Observatory (OFCE) and member of the higher Council for professional equality (CSEP). This phenomenon is expected to last, Emmanuel Macron, having declared, on 25 November, the equality between women and men ” great cause of the quinquennium “.

Several large French companies such as SNCF, Axa, Peugeot, demand is already high and strong their mobilization on this issue and are happy to claim the existence of their “women’s networks” (which are blooming a little everywhere in large groups for the past five years), their charters in favor of equality and their guides against sexism. In recent months, the company vendee of bread and pastries The Baker, of a more modest size with a 1 495 employees, is launched in turn. Self-proclaimed ” first brand to claim its engagement with women, for a division of tasks that is more just and more equitable intra-household “, she urges men to publicly apologize to do less than their partner.

Genuine commitment or mere opportunism marketing ? Between the view in favour of equality and the reality of the policy of the companies in-house, the difference is sometimes size. Something to feed the suspicion of ” feminism washing “, that is, the image of “green washing” for the ecology,…

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