The failures of the airlines long-haul low-cost in Europe

The vogue of the airlines long-haul low-cost would it be already passed ? The question arises, after the setbacks of two of the jewels of this new kind of airlines. A month ago almost to the day, it is the Danish company’s long-haul low-cost Primera Air, which had suddenly gone bankrupt, Tuesday, 2 October. Overnight, it ceased these activities, leaving thousands of passengers unable to take their volume to A halt so sudden, just the day before, the press officer of Primera Air France invited journalists to come and test one of five new destinations, New York, Boston, Toronto, Montreal and Tel Aviv, opened by the company at the start of Paris.

On examination, it was enough to almost nothing for Primera Air passes from life to death. According to our information, 30 million euros were enough to put the company on land : 20 million euros for the lease of an airplane to which are added 10 million euros of repairs on another unit that had corrosion problems.

A month earlier, it is Norwegian, the other scandinavian, who was to know that she was falling apart. Tuesday 4 September, on the occasion of a meeting with investors, the company’s long-haul low cost airline has announced its intention to sell a large part of the aircraft that it had ordered from Airbus and Boeing. The Norwegian, who wished to accelerate its development, had ordered 210 devices.

Rising price of kerosene

Between 2016 and 2017, the Norwegian company has grown at a rate of 15 % per year, to reach the seventh rank in europe in terms of passenger traffic, has pointed to the consulting firm AlixPartners. A progress too fast, because the economy did not follow. During this prédiode, its debt has exploded, reaching 2 billion euros. Only solution, for Norwegian : sell some of its aircraft. Now, she wants to separate…

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