The ex-banker Drahi attack Morgan Stanley on its bonus

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An outstanding salary of 1.3 million euros and 160,000 euros in damages and interests : this is what calls for Bernard Mourad and his former employer, Morgan Stanley. As revealed by the agency Bloomberg, the ex-investment banker who had advised Patrick Drahi in its acquisition of SFR, to Vivendi, a deal to 13.5 billion euro, is detailed in front of a tribunal of prud’hommes in Paris his grievances : he accuses the bank of not having paid his bonus, then he had reported nearly 100 million of commissions.

“A banal dispute of jurisdiction which drags on for over two years,” says the ex-banker, who confirms the procedure.

The two parties are opposed, in fact, on the point of whether the contract depends on the French law or american.

Party at Altice and Running !

The complaint actually goes back to 2015. The lawyers of the firm had considered that this bonus was part of a package to reward the fidelity of the associated and conditioned to its presence, or that he had left Morgan Stanley to the company that he had recommended, Altice, in may 2015.

“I started as a trainee at Morgan Stanley” in 2000, recalled Bernard Mourad during the hearing.

His lawyer pointed out that it was one of the employees to be the most profitable, that he had reported nearly $ 50 million in commissions in four months in 2015. The judgement is expected on 3 October.

In October 2016, Bernard Mourad had explained on the social networks, why he would resign from all his functions in Altice to join Emmanuel Macron, in the middle of the countryside. He had denounced attacks against him during the campaign his past as a banker, like his brother, dr. Jacques Mourad, health adviser of the candidate In Walk!, suspected of having a conflict of interest for its links with the laboratory Servier. It has not joined the president of the Republic at the Elysée. He entrusts not to “have the vocation to make profession of politics have many other projects to develop.” The ex-banker is also the author of novels in his spare time, and is the origin of the app mySOS, which has the ambition to save the lives of people who are ill.

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