The EUROPEAN: The RN wants to keep the EU, but not its institutions


STRASBOURG (Reuters) – The national Rally on Monday presented in Strasbourg its manifesto for “the european Alliance of nations”, a campaign document for the european elections, which proposes to restore internal borders and to remove the european Commission.

The european Court of justice, the guarantor of the observance of treaties, would disappear, as well as the european Court of human rights, although it is dependent on non-european Union of twenty-eight, but the Council of Europe’s forty-seven member States.

The far-right party, which has declined to propose an exit from the euro after its defeat in the presidential election of 2017, stands nevertheless on the subject of the single currency as a failure.

“The balance sheet of the euro is without ambiguity”, said the president of the RN, Marine Le Pen, during a press conference held in a hotel near the european Parliament.

“Not only the countries that have not adopted the euro have a higher growth to those that are entered in the euro, but monetary constraints foreign to the national traditions do not cease to enlarge the gap between the economies of the north and the south, even going so far as to threaten the existence of the euro”, she added.

This return to the “sovereignty of States” to “end federalism” presupposes a reform of the treaties which demand the unanimous vote of the governments.

This perspective is not concerned about the RN that sees parties close to, according to him, his ideas, to be imposed in a growing number of countries, such as Italy, Austria, Hungary, or Poland, which he hopes to see unite the political majorities in a large group sovereignist.

The rejection of free competition, which is organised within the common market by unfair competition, in particular with countries of the East,” in the words of Nicolas Bay, member of the european parliament and outgoing vice-president of the Front national, could, however, complicate this project.

“There is less risk of conflict when each respects the sovereignty of the other,” relativity Marine Le Pen, in response to a question.

Of the european institutions, the RN would keep the Parliament and the european Council, which brings together governments, while wishing that the return to the rule of unanimity, which was long a source of blocking, and is no longer maintained in the areas of taxation, foreign policy and common security.

It is up to Jordan Bardella, the head of the list of the national Gathering, that it is income of the greening program of the national Gathering by linking the subject to the defense of european civilization.

“The great challenge that binds and connects all this, the great challenge of living, of making Europe the first large-scale ecological civilization in keeping with the central idea of limits. This idea of limits is a practical application, the border,” he assured, taking an idea developed by Hervé Juvin, intellectual, close to the RN, and “great architect of this “manifesto” in which the 23-year-old has paid tribute.

(Gilbert Reilhac, edited by Elizabeth Pineau)

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