The european stocks are falling but are set to close with weekly gains

The european stocks are falling but are set to close with gains hebdomadairesil 9 moisà from deDavid Becker

The european stock markets are posting minor losses. The rally in the global stock market has already started to run out of volatility on Thursday due to concerns about a trade war. Asian stock markets were rising and heading to a weekly gain. A Yen low has supported the gains in the Nikkei and Topix, and in Europe the FTSE 100 outperforming since the pound sterling is under pressure. The markets of the euro area, however, are in negative territory, and even the German index goes down, while the DAX remains above the critical threshold of 11800 until now. Banks reduce their weekly gain, while the yields of base move to the downside. Trump is at it again on a box of soap, writing in a tweet, first, that his meeting with the mexican president will not be successful if they were discussing not how Mexico would pay the wall.

Futures contracts on WTI are currently a decline of 0.8% to 53,40 $, which represents approximately half of the rally yesterday. Prices continue to increase around 53,0 $. An increase of inventories of crude oil in the course of the last week in the United States has helped to maintain the price of oil in the face of declining supply from OPEC. Total stocks of oil have increased by 9 million barrels, and gasoline inventories have continued to swell.

The prices of German imports surged in December

In Europe, the inflation of import prices in Germany rose 3.5% year-on-year in December, up from 0.3% a year and the other during the previous month. The inflation of import prices would have had to increase further due to the impact of higher oil prices, but the final reading was still much higher than expected and even excluding petroleum, the annual rate is increased from 0.4% in November to 1.7%. Other signs indicate that inflation in germany is rising and may be above 2% in January, which will add to pressure on Draghi, who is already attacked by critics in Germany after the decision to extend the QE without a firm commitment to a schedule tapering.

Trump is back on the stub after you have met with the leader republican in Philadelphia, tracing its progress and plans to date. He confirmed that the meeting with the leader of Mexico has been cancelled, and it plans “to browse a different way” to fund the wall. With the withdrawal of the TPP, the trade negotiations will be bilateral with a termination clause of 30 days if they fail. He reiterated that tax cuts are general, reboots, pipelines, and the use of steel in the United States for the pipelines.

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