The error of com-Manix

The image has to react to many internet users, who weigh in on Twitter with their sense of unease or indignation. At the heart of the debate, a campaign for condoms Manix Zero displayed in the paris metro since December of 2017, including one of the photographs is considered racist. We see a young, white woman, placing his hand on the head of a young black man, the image including the slogan “Dare to be more close,” and the product promoted.

“Dare to be more close to” is a variation of the campaign in the long-running ” Smart = sexy “, which covers a wide range of condom brands belonging to the group Ansell. The communication agency +Knauss, who is at the origin, ” explains target the young urban audience which it seeks to boost self-confidence, particularly in representing mixed-race couples or LGBT. Objective missed in regards to this image, critics focusing on the relationship unbalanced that seems to have this mixed couple.

Why this reading is racist and/or sexist ? The fact, on the one hand, the composition of the image. “A little more diversity in the com would avoid this kind of pub racist – the black man trophy and the inversion. By putting the woman in a position of domination, it is still sexist. If you think you do well #manix, you have totally missed : #sexist and #racist two-in-one ” rating, and a user.

Another reason : the relationship of the text to the image, which associates the scene with an injunction to be ambiguous. “Translation of the ad racist : “With #manix, we can finally make love with a negro without getting aids”. Bravo #manix, you have typed out loud ! “wrote another indignantly. As noted on his blog, the activist João Gabriell, the sexuality of Black people is the subject of negative associations “that do not refer only to the pleasure and the procreation of children, but the disease” – which makes it, according to him, this advertising rather…

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