The doubts of the american journalists about Twitter

Some fatigue seems to have won the american journalists present on Twitter, where reigned the president, Donald Trump and his curse incessant – almost 40 000 Tweets and more than 54 million subscribers. A few years ago, the social network was seen as a plank of salvation for a traditional press shaken up by the Internet, in search of an audience, and renewal. We spoke of” engagement ” with the public. The participatory was put in all the sauces. In short, Twitter was the place to be for any reporter not wanting to miss the train of the digital revolution.

In recent times, however, many defections have marked the spirits. In July, the correspondent of the New York Times to the White House, Maggie Haberman, has announced that, after ” almost nine years and 187 000 Tweet “, that she does not tweeterait more than in the case of a strong news and report articles. In a text published by his newspaper, she explained, more at length than 240 signs (the size of a Tweet).

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“Twitter has ceased to be the place where I could learn things that I didn’t know, and glean information without error over a large current or to engage myself in a discussion and have reasonable confidence in the fact that the critical people were of good faith,” she explained. For her, the social network is now invaded by ” malice “, ” anger-partisan-toxic “, the “intellectual dishonesty” and ” sexism “. It became a ” video game in anger for many users “,” a huge and unnecessary waste of time and mental energy “.

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