The Doodles of Google : twenty years of logos illustrated

It is a small joke that turned into a real tradition, and effective marketing tool for Google : Doodles celebrate, the company in their 20 years. These small illustrations and animations, well-known to users, decorate more often the Google logo from its home page. They illustrate events, national holidays, sports competitions, or famous people, and send anyone who clicks it to a page in the engine search on the theme celebrated.

The idea of the diversion of the logo is coming to the founders of this empire of the Silicon Valley, even before the filing of the articles of association of the company, on September 4, 1998. A month earlier, on 1 August, the search engine is to the point but not yet renamed. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, before hitting the road for the Burning Man festival in Nevada, decide to make a small blink of the eye chart to their first users. “A humorous way to signal to Google users that the founders were absent from the office,” explains Google on the site that gathers the entirety of the archives of the Doodles (not to be confused with the website Doodle, planning and survey). They engoncent then a man — the symbol of the festival — behind the second O of Google. The first “doodle” (that is what it means to “doodle” in English) was born. Follow more than 2,000.

“Pac-Man” to Lennon

If they are, of course, the ” Googlers “, the firm’s employees, who continue to choose what to commemorate, the Doodles have become in twenty years a more formal and open to suggestions of internet users, by e-mail or through competition.

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