The dinosaur extinction is the asteroid 2 years darkness covered the Earth

Almost two years darkness covered the Earth for the huge amount of soot, which the dinosaurs the extinction-causing asteroid impact following the global forest fire through the atmosphere. The darkness is a result of the plants didn’t get enough light for photosynthesis, the surface of the planet and drastically cooled.

Sixty-six million years ago, a 9,9 kilometers in diameter asteroid crashed into the today’s Mexican territory, the Yucatan peninsula (Chicxulub crater), a catastrophic series of events started – read the PhysOrg scientific-educational news portal.

The u.s. National climate research Centre (nca is), the american space agency (NASA) and the Colorado state University research computer models by means of painted detail-rich picture of how environmental conditions prevailing in the planet of the cretaceous, at the end occurred impact.

The american academy of sciences journal (PNAS) published results can help the paleo biology to better understand how certain species, especially in the ocean alive, why they died out and why others get through the concerned period.

The researchers estimate that the planet’s animal and plant world of more than three-quarters of extinction in the cretaceous period, closing the so-called cretaceous-tertiary (KT) mass kihaláskor. The evidence suggests that the extinction event coincided with the asteroid impact of time. Computer simulations according to hours after the asteroid impact the Earth strong quakes, tsunamis and global wildfires that have plagued.

The researchers found that the powerful impact on the effect of shattered rock flew up into the air, and tiny particles to convert compress. When the particles back and fell to the Ground, the friction is so heats them to worldwide fires caused.

“The land of living large animals are a significant part of the asteroid’s impact, the immediate consequences of destroying the ocean you live, or those species that are in the ground or in the water were able to escape, they had bought time for themselves,” – explained the study leader, Charles Bardeen, the nca the research.

According to the professionals of the sea of flames by the atmosphere in huge quantities of dust and soot engulfed the sun’s rays, darkness covered the Earth.

The research, carried out by simulations according to the plants for more than a year and a half they didn’t get enough light for photosynthesis. As the land plants are a significant part of it is already lost to the devastating fires, that’s why the darkness is probably the fitoplanktonok, the ocean’s food chain are essential participants had the most severe effect. These tiny organisms, the disappearance of the entire ocean was affected, éhhalálra judging by the prey animals and the predators.

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