The descent to the underworld continues to Teva after the arrival of a generic molecule lighthouse

The new grim build up to Teva. After the financial results catastrophic in the second half -5,97 billions of dollars lost over that period – and a note from Morgan Stanley particularly severe, a generic version of Copaxone, its treatment of the lighthouse, has received the green light from the american authorities, on Wednesday 4 October. With the upcoming arrival of the copy, designed by the laboratory Mylan, sales of Copaxone will likely suffer. However, this drug against multiple sclerosis was reported to be $ 4.2 billion (3.6 billion euros) in 2016 to Teva, which represents no less than 19% of its revenues.

Teva does not let the american competitor put a strain on the income of his blockbuster. The laboratory of israel has certainly lost a court battle in the face of Mylan, accusing him of violating several patents of Copaxone. But he still hopes to block the arrival of generic: he has appealed the decision in January.

An action divided by two in a few months

Wednesday, the title of the pharmaceutical society israeli has dropped by 14,56% in Exchange-16,08 dollars. Its market capitalisation was then 16,34 billion euros that day. It is $ 22 billion less than the January 3, when its action was 37,48 dollars. Because the strategy of the 13th world laboratory, highly focused on generics, worries the investors. The laboratory is today the world’s leading generic. He has purchased Actavis, a lab dedicated to copies of medicines purchased for $ 40 billion in 2015, but this bet does not bear fruit. The revenues of the latter have suffered in the United States due to high competition in this field.

The israeli company has chosen to reduce the wing with the elimination of 7,000 positions in the world, and the closure of a dozen plants over the next two years, to make savings. Kare Schultz, the new head of the laboratory of the israeli army, debauchee of Lundbeck, is going to have bread on the board to show that the laboratory can find growth relays satisfactory.

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