The CSO based on data in June continued to decelerate, producer prices rise

In June, the industrial producer prices overall, 1.5 percent more than the previous year’s same period of the may 2,7, and in April was 4.4 percent increase after – reported on Monday by the Central statistical Office (CSO).

The domestic sales prices increased 3.2 per slowed from the previous month to 4.8 percent. Within these, two-thirds weight is representative of the processing industry, prices of 4.5, with approximately three to ten weight of energy industry (electricity, gas, gőzellátás, air conditioning) prices by 0.2 percent rise from a year earlier in relation to the.

The automotive producer prices of 0.2 percent lower than in June last year from the computing industry and a 5.7 percent fall in the rates. In the food industry at 5.6 percent were higher than the producer prices, as in June last year, the chemical industry and 10.3 per cent of the annual increase in costs.

Domestic prices in the sectors of destination groups in the energy and downstream use producing sectors is 2.6, the investment goods producer sectors to 2.0, the consumer goods manufacturer of 5.6 percent rise.

Industrial export sales prices of 0.8 percent in the previous year júniusához compared, while in may, a 1.7 percent increase. Within this 95,1 percent weight of manufacturing prices by 0.9 percent rise, while the 4.6 percentage weight of energy industry prices to 2.4 percent decreased. The automotive industry export prices denominated in Hungarian forint 1.6% stayed the last June from the computing industry and a 0.8 percent rise in prices. The food prices of 2.0, the pharmaceutical 3,9 percent higher from a year earlier.

The first half of the year, the domestic sales prices of 5.5, the export prices to 2.1 percent, the industrial producer prices overall, 3.2 per cent were higher than last year’s first half.

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