“The cryptomonnaies upset the established order “

Forum. Today, with an excellent software developer, it is possible to create its alternative currency and offer it to the world. The bitcoin has been emulated : ethereum, ripple, litecoin, dash… There are more than a thousand cryptodevises outstanding. Each has its positioning : one saves energy, the other guarantees total anonymity… But many voices rise up against these cryptodevises : “the bitcoin, it is the wind “, ” the bitcoin has no underlying ! “And the bubble grows, grows… A bitcoin is now worth over $ 7,000 !

the only drug trafficking on a global scale and has a turnover of more than € 240 billion per year

A financial product must have an underlying, that is to say, rest on an economic activity having a value of at least forward-looking – if not, ” it is wind “. What is the economic activity contribute to the twelve cryptodevises which the money supply exceeds for each one billion euros ? There are few indicators, which leaves room to the imagination. Mafialike activities, attracted by the ease with discreet transfers of funds, is without a doubt an underlying asset. For the record, the only drug trafficking on a global scale and has a turnover of more than € 240 billion per year, the equivalent of the twenty-first world economic power.

But the bitcoin has also proven to be useful for the people whose currency loses value. Since 2015, the Chinese have transferred into bitcoins a portion of their 10 000 billion savings, because the State has decided to devalue the yuan and to control the foreign exchange. China thinks, moreover, to prohibit the trade in bitcoins. It is considered good or bad, the bitcoin – like other cryptodevises – has a purpose. These cryptomonnaies are even seen by some as a safe-haven securities.

The bitcoin is rare

Central banks…

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