The correction of Bitcoin is entering its third day and heading for 10 000$

The Bitcoin fell to$ 10, 000 on Monday, the correction from near$ 14 000 is input in the third session on.

The Bitcoin has fallen from 9.2% to 10 320,2$ index at 17: 15.

As of June 11, the bitcoin has experienced a rally of two weeks, which recorded a surge of the coin of a little more than $ 6,000.

Some analysts have attributed this development to a variety of factors bullish interpreted as showing a wider acceptance of crypto-currencies in general – in particular, the project of Facebook launching its own digital currency the Libra, or the recent regulatory approval of a futures contract bitcoin of LedgerX – others say that the sharp increase suggests the rising frantically at nearly 20 000 dollars before the fall to nearly $ 3,000.

After peaking intraday 2019 13 929,8$ last Thursday, the bitcoin has moved lower for four of the last five days, a decrease of more than 25%.

The crypto-currencies have generally moved lower Monday. The total market capitalization of crypto-currencies, fell to 306,35 billion, compared 316,44 billion a day earlier.

Among the closest competitors of Bitcoin, the’ Ethereum has lost 5.6% to 283,67$, XRP has dropped from 2.5% to 0,39658, the Litecoin has lost 10.8% 117,677$, while the Bitcoin Cash has dropped from 5.0% to 393,26$.

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