The company’s low-cost Ryanair faces two strikes european

This time, Ryanair has not avoided the conflict. Despite a negotiation of the last chance, conducted, Tuesday, July 24, under the auspices of the Spanish authorities, the unions of hostesses and stewards established in Belgium, Portugal, Spain and Italy have maintained their calls for a two-day strike on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 July.

The personal cabin calling for the integration of temporary agency workers on the same basis as employees. They also require the irish company at low costs, it applies the law of the country where there are employees her personal.

For its part, Ryanair swears by the regulations, much less favorable to employees. In addition to the flight personnel-commercial (PNC), she must also cope with a strike of its drivers in Ireland, who are demanding wage increases. Two conflicts are distinct, but which illustrate a profound social malaise in the low-cost airline.

Because of these two strikes, the management of Ryanair has been forced to cancel hundreds of flights. More than 100 000 passengers have been affected. Clear cuts in the programs of flights could increase. In fact, Michael O’leary, the CEO of the company, expressed pessimism about the future. “Even if we maintain active contacts with the unions of pilots and flight crews across Europe, we expect further strikes at the time of the peak of the summer period “, he said.

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For Philippe Evain, president of the national Union of airline pilots (SNPL) of Air France, these social movements are a reality for all companies. “The employees abused these past ten years are beginning to find it abnormal not to have a return on investment,” he noted. In fact, the staff had to accept a number of social plans and blockages of wages during the crisis years claim to now be…

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