The commercial war that hides a will of technological warfare according to the China

according To the chinese ambassador in Britain, the real reason for the aggression of Washington against China is to carry out a war of technology to contain the rise in power of the country.

The South China Morning Post, relates that in a speech at the university Huawei of Shenzhen at the beginning of this week, ambassador Liu Xiaomin said that the United States has not used the trade dispute with China to conceal their intention to contain the emergence of the country as a new technological power in the world.

“There are many reasons for the United States to trade war with China, but this are not the real reasons for : at first sight, they have launched a commercial war, but it is underlying a technological warfare to curb the growth of technological progress in China,” said Liu, according to CCTV last Friday.

“Therefore, the United States would be purely to hunt Huawei from the us market, they also want to expel markets around the world,” he said.

“There is more to think about in the United States that China is becoming a formidable competitor in all areas such as geopolitics, international influences, resources, population, and talent. This is also apparent from the fact that the u.s. government has identified China as a strategic competitor in its report on the National Defence Strategy. “

Recall that yesterday, the american president Donald Trump said that Huawei was “something very dangerous” for national security to US, but felt that the banning of Huawei could be lifted in the framework of a commercial agreement between the two countries.

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