The coal and the gas, the paris-paying group Daniel Kretinsky

At first, the strategy of the Czech EPH, owned by the billionaire Daniel Kretinsky, who is in discussion to enter in the group of Matthieu Pigasse, shareholder as an individual of the World – may seem baffling : since its creation, in 2009, the group energy multiplies the acquisitions in the coal and the gas. At a time when Europe seeks to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, many industry groups have made the choice to get rid of their coal plants and gas.

In fact, EPH is investing against the current market, the group has acquired coal-fired power stations and lignite in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. It is also very present in the fossil fuels in central Europe. “From the point of view of practical and moral, we consider as incorrect the rejection of the energy sources needed to meet the basic needs of the inhabitants of european States “, justified by 2017 Daniel Castvaj, a spokesperson for the group.

Investments in Germany

The group’s strategy is actually rather simple : acquire at an advantageous price of the assets in which other groups want to get rid of and take advantage of their current profitability. In other words, the future of coal is risky in Europe, but EPH is hoped that these investments are very profitable for the next ten or twenty years. EPH is competed in this strategy by another group Czech, Energy, also led by a billionaire Pavel Tykac.

A logic much more profitable in the short term, in some countries, these plants are subject to production commitments from the State to ensure the production in case of insufficiency of the share of renewable energies and strong demand of the consumers.

This is particularly the case in Germany, where the energy transition has led to the massive development of renewable energies, but where the central…

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