The clients of Boursorama banque, serene in the face of their unforeseen expenses of the summer

The summer period is often conducive to higher costs or unexpected. To enable its customers to deal with them, Boursorama Bank expands the financing solutions proposed allowing its customers access to the revolving Credit, BUDGET + of Franfinance.

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Thus, depending on their needs, customers may opt for an overdraft allowed, a revolving credit or a personal credit. In addition, many services are made available to them to simplify the management of their budget.

For the French who go on holiday, the summer break is often synonymous with a lesser attention to their budgetary follow-up : according to a study by YouGov for Travelex[1], they would be 76 % likely to be faced with unexpected expenses. Spending more or more susceptible to impulse buying, they want to leave to rebalance their finances to the back.

In order to let them enjoy their summer without worrying about their budget, Boursorama Bank offers its customers a number of solutions in order to best manage their finances without having to tighten the belt at the back.

Whenever they want, in real time, and the pace of repayment suitable to their situation, they anticipate possible unforeseen expenses by opting for :
§ The overdraft allowed to better manage its day to day budget
Customers have the ability to manage their overdraft authorised in real time[2], 100 % mobile
§ The personal credit to finance larger projects of up to 75 000€
§ The revolving credit Franfinance, available at any time to fund a temporary need for cash, or the unexpected opportunity, beyond 30 days
Usable in part or in whole, a revolving credit is allocated to the client, who may borrow at any time from 500€ to 5 000€. As soon as the revolving credit is used, the borrower is seen to collect maturities and repaying interest and capital. The revolving credit is re-established then at the discretion of the principal repayments of the customer, and becomes available again.

The common point to all these offers : one rates among the best in the market, a simulation and a subscription to 100 % mobile, paperless, and a response usually immediate[3].
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In addition, many services are made available to customers to manage simply and in real time their budget :
§ Setting up notifications to be alerted in real-time spending, the balance of their account,
§ The PFM, the dashboard personal finance management, to manage their budget and view it from their Client Area Boursorama all of their bank and savings accounts[4] (held by Boursorama Bank or other banking institutions ) to perform possibly, transfers from external accounts[5] from their client Area,
§ The immediate increase in the ceilings of their credit card[6]
In case of the withdrawal of a large sum of money or a need for a capacity payment higher, the clients have the possibility to raise the ceilings of their credit card easily and instantly.

For Mary’s Horse, general Director of Boursorama : “With BUDGET +, Boursorama Banque offers a range of credit 100 % mobile the most comprehensive in the market and frees up its customers to the vagaries of the unforeseen expenses “.

– Amount of credit awarded appropriate to the client’s financial situation, repayment capacity, and its needs
– Choice of speed of delivery (slow, medium, fast) adapted to the client’s budget, choice of the amount of the use credit
– Possibility to change the refund option at any time, prepay without penalty and at any time
– Response principle immediate as soon as the funding request made online
– Available credit at any time, when the customer needs it
– The provision of the sum upon the expiration of the statutory period of revocation, no proof of the use of the credit
– Online management (on the site of Franfinance)
– The amount of the transfer requested is available within 48 hours after processing the request

About Franfinance

A 100% subsidiary of Société Générale Franfinance employs more than 1 000 employees. The DNA of Franfinance is based on the sales financing of partners, including the end customers are businesses (BtoBtoB) or individuals (BtoBtoC). Franfinance also offers solutions in the direct (b to c) on the retail market.

Franfinance has gradually established itself as a benchmark in its market by offering innovative, comprehensive and diversified, structured around two activities : consumer credit for individuals and financing of assets and business sales (leasing).

Rich from the expertise acquired throughout its history by the exercise of its business lines, Franfinance also provides services for banking players (servicing).

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About Boursorama

Boursorama, a subsidiary of the Société Générale group, is a major player in online banking in Europe.
In France, Boursorama is the online bank of reference : more than 1 000 000 customers rely on its banking services that are innovative, simple, cheap and safe. Its portal,, is classified n°1 of the national sites of financial and economic information online.
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