“The case of the Crédit mutuel Arkéa reveals a flaw in the governance of mutual banks “

Chronic ” Loss & profit “. The Parisians that were circulating Thursday, may 17, in the east of the capital have probably crossed the road a little manifestation banal : the parade of more than 5,000 employees of the Crédit mutuel Arkéa, all red dressed (the color of the logo of the bank), walking from Bastille to Bercy to claim… their independence.

The federations of Britain and South-West of Arkéa, jealous of their autonomy, want to break with the rest of the group Crédit mutuel. They heard the shout loud and clear beneath the windows of the ministry of finance to put pressure on the government. The purpose of this ? Get a legislative provision providing for the spin-off in the best conditions. Fifty local elected officials from western France, and a few patrons had to join the procession.

This is the last episode of the war picrocholine that mine Crédit mutuel for more than three years. Unceasing, it has already given rise to a multitude of litigation, an internal punishment, in a reversal of the covenant (the Crédit mutuel Massif central, an affiliate of Arkéa, now wants to join the camp and unionist) or recalls the rules. The banking supervisors in france and europe are concerned today that Arkéa can withdraw unilaterally from the mutual Credit, without having closed its project output.

Inertia of the public authorities

Everyone has their reasons. The chairman of Arkéa, Jean-Pierre Denis, wants to develop a different bank, turned to the financing of the digital economy, without having to apply for discharge to the structure of the head of the mutualist group. Claiming that it was a personal adventure, the Confédération nationale du Crédit mutuel insists on the fact that the union is strength and that Arkéa already has any latitude to develop.

That this matter be considered exciting or deplorable, it raises questions. It reveals, first, a flaw in the governance…

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