“The case Lip” goes back in time

Book. That remains-t-il “the case of Lip” today ? A few slogans ? “Lip, imagination to power, “” No dismissal, no dismantling, maintenance of acquired benefits “, ” We build, we sell, we pay “, has been chanted far beyond the 1970s and the city of Besançon, the cradle of the French jewel of the watch industry up to the oil shock of the 1970s.

For the record, the company, founded in 1867 by Emmanuel Lipmann, is, from 1973, the theatre of a conflict unprecedented social, that will end in a winding-up, including the CEO, Claude Neuschwander, is then designated as the culprit. The controversy over the responsibility for the death of Lip has caused much ink to flow.

The controversy lasted yet widely in the media forty years after the occupation of the factory watch Palente, in 1973, by a thousand workers. In Why have they killed Lip ?, he has just co-signing with the political scientist Guillaume Gourgues, Claude Neuschwander reopens today behind the scenes of what has become a myth of the working class struggle.

For the former boss of the Lip, it is a certainty, ” the shareholders of Pil are indeed desired his death, choosing deliberately not to finance its stimulus, before and after my departure “, he writes. The test exposes them, in their context, the statements and actions of the protagonists in industrial, economic and political, which appear to be ” of valuable material, hitherto little exploited “.

But, more than just another liability-a gigantic mess of social and industrial, the aim of this work is to demonstrate that it was “to discredit the social side of the experience” of recovery of Lip in the name of employment, in order to restore a certain liberal economic order.

“Political crossroads ”

For the authors, “the case Lip “mark” a turning point ” policy, the…

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