The CAPELLI TOWERS : laying of the first stone

Christophe CAPELLI, Chairman and ceo of the Group CAPELLI, George ENGEL, Member of parliament and Mayor of the Commune of Sanem, and Vincent DELWICHE, managing Director of Agora, has been this day the first stone of the Capelli Towers.

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A joint program for tours of beautiful high come to valuate the neighbourhood of Belval, and offer their residents the opportunity to ‘ live in the sky “, in the words of the architect of luxembourg, Architecture & Environment.

An exemplary project for a district strategic

20 minutes south of the city of Luxembourg, in place of the site of the largest steelworks in the country, a new neighbourhood attracts all eyes and is suitable for all projects : the quartier Belval, large as 120 football pitches and is considered as one of the most important urban projects in europe.

The conversion of the huge industrial wasteland is ambitious, imagining a different urbanity, around a concept of diversity that brings together the work, the teaching, the research, but also the habitat, recreation, and daily life. Launched in 2000, the project does not stop to seduce : 150 companies and institutions high-level research and Start-ups are set and it is now possible to live, study, work and have a good time.

An architecture that is non-standard for a different use

“Marker indispensable, and without such the new face of this city, who is completing part of its mutation, the Capelli Towers are precursors on the new paths of” urbanity “, ” the agency Architecture & Environment.

Not only the Capelli Towers offer in Luxembourg, its two tallest residential towers (50 meters high), but, more importantly, they are reinventing the towers of very great height in terms of aesthetics, use and well-being.

The two twin towers, which reach heights of 15 and 13 levels, and consist of 100 dwellings and 2 123 m2 of offices and shops spread over a base of 4 levels. On the 3rd floor, one gateway, also for tertiary use, which connects the two towers. The set was built on a car park with 198 spaces, with 3 levels in the basement, 2 of which are ” park-lifts “.

A book, titanic that still seems like air, lightly placed on the ground. The glass facades are structured and paced by siding with horizontal aluminium : the combination of materials gives a lot of lightness and brightness to the book that seems to float in its setting transparent. A futuristic design which shows a great technical feat.

The know-how at the service of a better life

In the heart of the new district of Belval, near the city of Luxembourg and in the face of an unspoilt landscape, “Capelli Towers” combine architectural expertise and innovation in the area of mixed use to better draw the city of tomorrow.

From T1 to T3, the apartments are distinguished by their surfaces, large and functional. Bathed in light, thanks to large openings, they are extended all on the external (balcony, terrace or loggia), offering residents breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Real hanging gardens, rooftops, common fully equipped with barbecue, tables and chairs invite you to the meeting, feel, and daydream, with a panorama of sight on the campaign and the new town of Belval.

Putting the well-being of users at the heart of its approach, the Group Capelli also sign housing and offices that meet the requirements of the class of energy performance of ABA. Each apartment will obviously be fully automated.

About Groupe CAPELLI

Specialist of the development of living spaces since 1976, the family group CAPELLI construct and sells apartments, VillaDuplex®, homes and offices.
CAPELLI puts its expertise at the disposal of private and public customers around its different areas : promotion, design, dealer property, real estate investment management, social housing, council.
Capitalising on its know-how and the quality of its process, CAPELLI brings concrete answers to the expectations of communities and individuals.
CAPELLI designs and operations that take into account the organization of the municipalities and the needs of the citizens.
The Group is present in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
Listed on Euronext Paris Compartment C – Isin Code : FR 0010127530 – Bloomberg CAPLI FP – Reuters CAPLI. PA

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