The camembert of Normandy, will he be “murdered” ?

The cry of alarm has echoes crowed : “Liberty, equality, and camembert ! “, exclaim fifty personalities signatories of a column published Tuesday, may 15, in the newspaper Libération, among which the michelin-starred chefs Sébastien and Michel Bras, Anne-Sophie Pic, Arnaud Daguin, Michel and César Troisgros, as well as the winemaker Olivier Cousin and Sylvie Augereau, Nicholas Office or Alexander Bain. All are concerned to see the famous “calendos” norman ” become a vulgar soft dough with no taste “.
Why this call ?

What do these signatories are they cheese ? The consequences of an agreement, signed on 21 February, which aims to resolve an economic war that lasts for ten years. Up to this agreement, two pie charts co-existed in the shelves of the store :

  • The ” pie charts of Normandy “, certified since 1986 by the protected designation of origin (PDO) which comply with precise specifications and rigorous : cheese made from raw milk, produced in a particular geographical region, from a herd of mostly purebred normande, moulded in five layers, weighing at least 250 grams.
  • The pie charts labeled ” made in Normandy “, to which there is no regulation and no guarantee of quality, and that you just must have the manufacturing plants in Normandy. Milk, pasteurised – it is heated without boiling to kill pathogens in the milk – can, come from anywhere.
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