The business of concerts is wonderful

“The industry of the concerts has never been so thriving,” says Tim Leiweke, the president and CEO of Oak View Group, which has a network of 29 theatres, concert halls and dozens of stadiums in the United States. During its passage to the international Market of music publishing (Midem), in Cannes, last week, he welcomed the good health of the sector.

“There are twenty-five years ago, only Pink Floyd could bring in $ 27 million [23 million] by performing a large concert tour. In 2017, there were 47 rounds that have reached this level. In North America, we sold, for the first time in history, more concert tickets than movie tickets “, welcomes there. An effect of comparison, however biased, the summer of 2017 having proved to be particularly disastrous for admissions overseas.

Across the Atlantic, the music could become more profitable than the big sporting events

“Always in North America, the music industry has crossed the $ 10 billion of sales last year. The “live” has never been so well worn, ” says one who was for nearly twenty years (1996 to 2013), the boss of Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), world number two in the organization of the concert. Last year, three million tickets have been sold in the United States for the group of country music, Garth Brooks, and U2, Coldplay and the Rolling Stones have attracted the crowds.

To the point that the music could become more profitable than the big sporting events. “In our stadiums, you will see more of the concerts also important in financial terms as a competition of the NBA [the american league of basketball],” says Mr Leiweke, before predicting : “In certain speakers, we will soon have more sports teams, but only live music. “


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