The Brexit did lose a few thousand jobs to the City

Rarely as little jobs will have been watched so closely by so many people. After more than two years of lobbying, ferocious of the different financial centres in continental Europe, and in spite of the political chaos of the uk, the departures of bankers of the City are counted in a few thousands of people, at maximum.

Paris is probably the race in the lead, slightly ahead of Frankfurt, according to the latest tally of Paris Europlace, the lobby of the paris. But the fortune is very thin : approximately 4 500 new jobs for Paris from 3 500 in Frankfurt. And yet is it jobs advertised : the actual departures do not exceed a few hundreds of people. For the london centre, which is beaten against the Brexit of all its forces, it is hardly broken.

Thursday, October 18, Paris La Défense, which is the business district of paris, was waging a new offensive of charm to London, in the margin of a large living room real estate. In a pub in the west of the british capital, the participants – mostly French, including the public – were forced to recognize it : the big evening has not arrived.

“It is too early ”

“At the beginning, some may have the impression that the platform of London was going to move in mass, but it will not happen like this, says Marie-Célie Guillaume, the director of Paris La Defense. London to remain London, but the Brexit has opened the place to the other. In addition, 4 500 highly-skilled jobs and high wages generate wealth. “

The figures put forward by Paris Europlace are yet to be taken with a grain of salt. With the announcements made so far, it is difficult to reach the total of 4 500 jobs : 1 000 for HSBC, 1 000 for the French banks (Société générale, BNP Paribas, Crédit agricole), with 400 to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 150 for JPMorgan, 60 for Citi… Even adding…

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