The blunders of Elon Musk harm to the american manufacturer Tesla

It is yet another slippage that accentuates the distrust of Wall Street. Sunday, July 15, Elon Musk was violently attacked, on Twitter, one of the rescuers of the twelve young footballers thai trapped in a cave, which he called ” pedophile “. If the founder and boss of Tesla apologized, Wednesday, July 18, with the caver, the damage was already done : Monday, July 16, the action of the american manufacturer of electric cars has dropped by almost 3 %.

Certainly investors are now accustomed to the antics of Mr. Musk, who regularly uses Twitter to take on the skeptics and journalists. But his last exit “has crossed the line,” says Gene Munster, an analyst at Wolf Ventures. “In the last six months, there has been many examples of behavior disturbing “, he said in an open letter addressed to the contractor. What to feed a perception that is harmful to [its] leadership, touchy and irascible “.

The insult of Mr. Musk was Vernon Unsworth, a speleologist british installed in Thailand and who participated in the effort to locate the football players and their coach. The latter had denounced the proposal of using the billionaire, who had visited the site accompanied by engineers from SpaceX, the space company that he manages at the same time as Tesla, to build a miniature submarine. A project that had ” no chance of working “, had assured Mr. Unsworth, believing that it was a “coup de com’.

The media, his favorite target

Two days before his Tweet, Mr. Musk had promised to settle down. “I made the mistake of thinking that the hunt was open when a person attacked me on Twitter, he acknowledged, in an interview granted to the agency Bloomberg. I will correct the shooting. “On the 11th of July, the fourth-largest shareholder…

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