The Bitcoin has not said its last word, +15% in less than 24 hours

The Bitcoin has finally not said its last word !

After a new low 9745$ yesterday in the early afternoon, the Bitcoin is, in fact, managed to go back above the threshold key$ 10,000 and to accelerate up to a peak of 11.578$ this morning.

You can, however, assume that the return of Bitcoin in the$ 10,000 after a peak near 14,000$ last week attracted buyers.

For that the increase is confirmed, the next area of key resistance to overcome is at 12.000-12.400$, prior to 13.000$, then the area around 14,000$.

Beyond that, it will be again possible to envisage a return to the historic peaks of$ 20,000, although a étpae around$ 15,000 is possible.

From a technical point of view, it should be noted that the rebound of Bitcoin since yesterday has led to the break above the trend line downward, which passes through the vertices of the 26 June, 28 June and 2 July, which is a positive element.

Conversely, the moving average 100 hours just passed under the moving average 200 hours, a bearish signal that should lead to caution.

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