The Bitcoin has exceeded$ 10,000, what thresholds to monitor in the short term?

It is often the weekend that the movements are decisive for the Bitcoin have place, and this weekend largely confirms this trend.

The BTC/USD has in fact exceeded the threshold of$ 10,000 in the night from Friday to Saturday, and has accentuated its rise to a peak at 11210$ yesterday, a rally of about 14% since Friday afternoon.

As often, no news in particular seems to motivates the timing of this movement, which, however, was fairly widely expected, given the dynamism of crypto-currencies in recent weeks.

According to experts, the market optimism regarding the Bitcoin is, in large part, to bind to the perspective of the launch of the crypto-currency Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), which could facilitate the adoption of mass the concept of crypto-currencies in initiating the more than 2 billion users of Facebook to their advantages.

Some also believe that the prospect of global economic degraded and the loss of confidence in the national currency also promotes the increase of the BTC.

From a technical point of view, it should be noted that Bitcoin has corrected from its high of yesterday, but has limited his correction to 10.400$, thus confirming the break above the threshold key$10,000.

In the short term, the Bitcoin displays a profile of consolidation, and a break could be possible before a resumption of the increase, but as long as the threshold of$ 10,000 is maintained, the probability will remain on the side of the rise.

In the case of a new thrust upward, the peaks of yesterday, 11210$ will be the first potential barrier. Beyond that, the daily chart allows to highlight potential resistance to 11800-12000$, 15000$, 17000$ and finally 20000$, the historic highs.

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