The biggest british companies, two thirds of unprepared for cyber attacks against

The biggest british companies, two thirds of unprepared for a cyber attack against a government survey on Monday described results.

The London stock exchange FTSE-350 index of the 350 largest companies, 68 percent of the leaders do not have the cyber attacks against operational knowledge, and only 2 percent indicated that a comprehensive training of the staff in case a cyber attack to reach the company, which is similar to the WPP ad agency or the FedEx parcel service suffered in June and July. The company is 10 percent and there is no plan of such incidents in the event that found out from the survey.

And the company are significant they keep the cyber attack risk of the respondents, more than half called them one of the greatest threats. In 2014, only 29 percent of them said that.

The companies ‘ unpreparedness in light of a concern, according to experts, the recent two major blackmail virus, Petya, and the WannaCry not only companies, but also public services such as the health service (NHS) functioning, significant disruptions in Britain.

“The cyber attacks proved what it can have serious consequences, if you don’t take it seriously, cyber – security,” – said the annually carried out a government survey results related to Matt Hancock digital affairs secretary.

In the Uk, a large number of financial and technology companies operating in the country, the attacks on the front line in Europe – called the attention of the FireEye, the Financial Times, entitled business journal on Monday, according to the number of. The american cyber security service for eight blackmailer virus attack is knowledge, which was last year January and September among committed british against targets.

The european union’s data protection regulations under the uk companies will soon be required by law and cyber security development. The legislation 2018 in may, so even the United Kingdom’s membership of the european union 2019 spring is expected prior to the termination of into force, and will require the companies to 72 hours to identify and report possible attacks.

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