The bet chinese brewer Dutch Heineken

Addition to Budweiser ! It is as well that you could summarize in a formula the offensive carried out by Heineken in China. Have a plan, but also a gamble, unveiled on Friday, August 3. To try to appeal to chinese consumers, the brewer of the netherlands has chosen to develop an alliance with a local partner, namely China Resources Enterprise, a company controlled by the State.

The agreement is complex and expensive. Heineken will pay 2,67 billion euros to acquire 40 % of the share capital of CBL, a subsidiary of China Resources Enterprise. An entity which owns 51 % of the company, China Resources Beer listed in hong Kong, of which the netherlands has 20% of the units. He will pour out his chinese economic activity in this company and will receive in compensation a cheque for € 260 million. The chinese company acquired the license of the Heineken brand for China and China Resources Enterprise between the capital of the Dutch, to the tune of 0.9 per cent – a ticket paid for 463 million euros.

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For the chinese company, the interest of this agreement is obvious. She owns a local brand, Snow, is the most sold in the Middle kingdom. It is estimated that, on the largest market of beer, a pint in four is sold under this label, created in 1996. But its cost is very low. In competition with other local brands like Tsingtao, it is penalized by the price war.

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