The best assessment is that the Swedish omregling is in place, the middle of 2019, according to Kindred.

The best assessment of when the Swedish omregleringsförslaget, in the form of licensing, for the Swedish gaming market would be able to win the force is around the middle of 2019.

It said the Kindreds of the Nordic countries-responsible Peter Alling during Wednesday’s capital markets day and pointed then at the date of 1 July.

In Norway, described Peter Alling the situation as ”business as usual” for the Kindreds side but said that the Norwegian gaming authorities were to face a bumpy ride.

In Finland, waiting for Kindred also ”business as usual” for its operations. There were not any direct idea of when the country would be able to omregleras.

However, Peter Alling that Sweden was the key to the other nordic countries in terms of re-regulation. This then Norway and Finland have their eyes directed towards the Swedish omregleringsförslaget presented earlier in the year with a tax on the gaming surplus of 18 percent as the main trend for gaming companies.

The Danish gaming market is ago 2012 reregulated private in the form of licenses with a gaming tax of 20 per cent.

Around the risk to the Swedish omregleringsförslaget will not be executed commented Peter Alling:

”There are two possible outcomes. Either it gets in line with the spelutredningen or no reorganization at all.”

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