The banks, the GAFA and the genius of finance

Chronic. The United States and China look like the same actor playing in front of her mirror. They are more similar, but the actions of one are the negative of the other. America closes its borders to the field of electronics and steel chinese when China tries to tame its frenzy of foreign investment.

In the Face of the activism and messy from its insurers and bankers, Beijing gives a turn of the screw when Washington opens the valves. The chinese government has announced a change in depth of its policy of regulating with the merger of its supervisory authorities of banks and insurance companies as well as the strengthening of its central bank. Finance of the shadow, doubtful accounts, investments opaque, the country makes it a “decisive battle” the fight against the financial risks.

Heading towards deregulation

It is just the opposite of the other side of the Pacific. The american congressmen are seeking to loosen the stranglehold of regulations that hugs the banking institutions of the country since the crisis of 2008. This week, the Senate is expected to adopt the text submitted in the wake of the house of Representatives. Donald Trump had promised, ensuring that his friends entrepreneurs do not find banks to lend them money due to the regulations.

As if he was not born in 2008, the us president avoided any reference to this period, where the big bankers and american insurers have failed to plunge the world into chaos with their acrobatics financial. Heading toward the deregulation of finance. Because even among democrats, many find that the pendulum of regulation has gone too far, muselant of regional banks to be modest. Besides, the text to be discussed this week will always be a close monitoring to the ten banks with assets exceeding $ 250 billion (200 billion euros).

A risk…

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