The AP-HP has made to its patients a service appointment online

The AP-HP currently deploys in its 39 hospitals and for all of his patients, a service for making appointments online. it is implemented by the company Doctolib, in the framework of a public contract.

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By June 2018, it will be proposed for the whole of the hospitals of the AP-HP, where 4 million consultations are carried out each year. Making an appointment online is already available for the hospital Antoine-Béclère, Bicêtre, Paul Brousse, Rothschild, Saint-Antoine, Tenon and Trousseau as well as for several departments of the Georges Pompidou european hospital. In the next few days, this service will be operational for the Avicenne hospital.

Its deployment will continue at the rate of a hospital group by month. By June 2018, it will be possible to make an appointment for the 12 000 consultations offered by health professionals, of the 39 hospitals the AP-HP. This deployment is a first of its scale. In target, 1.2 million appointments will be taken online each year, approximately 30% of the consultations of the AP-HP.

To date, more than 3,500 appointments have already been made online thus confirming the strong expectations of patients.

Making an appointment online helps to improve services for patients, health professionals, and physicians of the city. The service allows you to :

> for patients to make an appointment with a doctor for a consultation. This offer comes in addition to modes of making the appointment as usual. It also allows, thanks to the SMS or email reminder, change or cancel appointments, even at the last moment.

> health professionals to save time and reduce the number of appointments not honored.

> the doctors of the city have the opportunity to make an appointment at the hospital on behalf of their patients. The establishment of niche markets with dedicated physicians partners of the AP-HP is also in the study.

The appointment is taken online at the AP-HP is available 24h/24 and 7d/7 since all types of media (mobile, computer and tablet). This free service is available from the home page of on the web sites of the hospitals already concerned and on the site of Doctolib. It is also accessible from the new mobile application “AP-HP patient” and since the mobile application ” Doctolib “.

This device has been the subject of an adaptation of the “solution” Doctolib to the needs of the AP-HP. In particular, a computer interface has been constructed with the module of management of the appointment of Orbis, the patient’s computerized of the AP-HP.

Making an appointment online complements other online services already offered by the AP-HP as :

The pre-admission administrative in-line to fill his case before a hospital stay or a consultation ;
The payment of medical fees in line ;
The wi-fi patient free and is available in 36 of the 39 sites of the AP-HP in addition to the wifi for professionals ;
Mobile applications available on the app stores, iTunes Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) : “AP-HP Patient “, the mobile app for information and service for patients, ” AP-HP Pro “, the mobile app and information service professionals (AP-HP) and other business applications, such as ” Booklet pain “, “liver Surgery” or “Reco thrombosis” ;
The new site, “Contests” which lets you save and validate its application for registration for the contest organized by the AP-HP.
All of these services is part of the strategic digital of the AP-HP which aims at simplifying the hospital for all.

About the AP-HP AP-HP is an academic medical center on a european scale and internationally recognized. Its 39 hospitals welcome-every year 8 million people become sick : in consultation, in the emergency, during hospitalizations, planned or in-home hospitalization. It provides a public health service for all, 24h/24, and it is both a duty and a pride. The AP-HP is the first employer in the Ile-de-France : 100 000 people – doctors, researchers, paramedical staff, administrative staff and workers to work there.

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